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Can't believe I still have this

2010-07-31 18:54:26 by InnerChild473

the original list from my days of a newgrundling. Belong to my main account, but I'm keeping it here for nostalgic reasons. OK, here we go:

List of...

....people I know and what they are known to me for.

InnerChild548: You Decide.
Blob1994: First friend I knew on NG and will always be my first friend. *Breakfast Club Soundtrack comes on, "Don't you...Forget about me."/Honorary InnerChild.
lazyyMitch: Hilarious.
DragonzJewel: The wise one.
wolfmaydie: Nonstop artist.
avocode: Hard working/Trustful/Honorary InnerChild.
Brick-top: Handsom son of a Bitch!
Alcohol1: The Newgrounds Drunk.
greensucksbluerules: In love with stick figures.
green-day-fan1: Changing the world, one step at a time.
smicothegreat: Over uses the exclamation marks.
ToxMace: Makes funny Madness comics.
fmafan1: Reminds myself of, well... myself!
AustinR: '70s lover/Honorary InnerChild.
jacobcoooollll10: Not really sure, but he's an okay kid/Honorary InnerChild.
8912: Classic gamer, and I see him all the time in reviews. (Signed up 7/7/07 > 777 'lucky')
Night-Glider: Writer.
Buster1: Made me feel like a detective.
Adam-Beilgard: Artist of everything.
InnerChild473: My fellow InnerChild.
Mendou: I had a dream that he hacked my account and messed it up, so I had to convenice him to give it back to me.
Xavon: Civilized
SSXorcist15: Creative.
Viewtiful-Chris: READ "Hallways" a true mastery of literature and Sci-Fi composition.
generalchampion: Has good taste in things.
yo-no: An evil mastermind of self-pity.
lunardragon96: Hosts Ask-A-Naruto-Character.
Jozzalanco: Stylish/Very Clever.

--I'll put in more later.
--Sorry if I didn't mention you, I'm not superman ya know.
--Sorry if I spelled your name incorrectly.
--Tell me if you don't want your name up here.
--Please point out any spelling errors.
--I may change some of you depending on how you act.


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2010-07-31 18:56:35