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2011-02-24 21:59:17 by InnerChild473

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the original list from my days of a newgrundling. Belong to my main account, but I'm keeping it here for nostalgic reasons. OK, here we go:

List of...

....people I know and what they are known to me for.

InnerChild548: You Decide.
Blob1994: First friend I knew on NG and will always be my first friend. *Breakfast Club Soundtrack comes on, "Don't you...Forget about me."/Honorary InnerChild.
lazyyMitch: Hilarious.
DragonzJewel: The wise one.
wolfmaydie: Nonstop artist.
avocode: Hard working/Trustful/Honorary InnerChild.
Brick-top: Handsom son of a Bitch!
Alcohol1: The Newgrounds Drunk.
greensucksbluerules: In love with stick figures.
green-day-fan1: Changing the world, one step at a time.
smicothegreat: Over uses the exclamation marks.
ToxMace: Makes funny Madness comics.
fmafan1: Reminds myself of, well... myself!
AustinR: '70s lover/Honorary InnerChild.
jacobcoooollll10: Not really sure, but he's an okay kid/Honorary InnerChild.
8912: Classic gamer, and I see him all the time in reviews. (Signed up 7/7/07 > 777 'lucky')
Night-Glider: Writer.
Buster1: Made me feel like a detective.
Adam-Beilgard: Artist of everything.
InnerChild473: My fellow InnerChild.
Mendou: I had a dream that he hacked my account and messed it up, so I had to convenice him to give it back to me.
Xavon: Civilized
SSXorcist15: Creative.
Viewtiful-Chris: READ "Hallways" a true mastery of literature and Sci-Fi composition.
generalchampion: Has good taste in things.
yo-no: An evil mastermind of self-pity.
lunardragon96: Hosts Ask-A-Naruto-Character.
Jozzalanco: Stylish/Very Clever.

--I'll put in more later.
--Sorry if I didn't mention you, I'm not superman ya know.
--Sorry if I spelled your name incorrectly.
--Tell me if you don't want your name up here.
--Please point out any spelling errors.
--I may change some of you depending on how you act.


2007-11-10 17:59:44 by InnerChild473

Hello, Your fellow InnerChild here.

If you have any questions about being an InnerChild or InnerChildism.

Ask them here.

And you here you can apply to an InnerChild, so ask to sign up and see the wonderful world of being an InnerChild**

**WARNING: You have a 19% chance of actually becoming an InnerChild.


Question: Where do InnerChildren live?

Answer: We live in other people's past, but when we are not there we are usually located in an InnerChild Office which are located around the world.


Question: Wft, how the hell do you go in our past?

Answer: It quite easy, you just input the date/year, and the area, and walk though a portal.

Question: Can you give me an updated list of all the InnerChildren on NEWGROUNDS?

Answer: Sure, Here is an updated list of all the InnerChildren on NEWGROUNDS:

1. InnerChild473
2. InnerChild548
3. InnerChild721
4. Blob1994 / InnerChild889
5. jacobcoooollll10 / InnerChild903
6. avocode / InnerChild1157
7. AustinR / InnerChild1212
8. fmafan1 / InnerChild1271

That is an updated list of all the InnerChildren of NEWGROUNDS and remember it's the people on Newgrounds NOT ALL the InnerChildren.